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Fishing on the UNA  and Krusnica river

Because of the many waterfalls and the clear waters, the River UNA is home to many predatory fish (like rainbow trout, pike, and Danube salmon) and whitefish (common roach, common barbell, and European chub).

Information for fishing on the Una river:

We have day tickets and 5-day tickets for fishing. You don´t need a fishing license. We can organise a tour or you can rent one of our boots. For families our campingground is optimal. The children can swim or play on our playground and the women can relax.The men can finally go fishing for their enjoyment without feeling guilty about it.


Information about the "flying fish" on the Krusnica river:

The flying fish are very interesting for the fishermen. The Krusnica river is 5 km. long and it´s water is very clear. This river is a half an hour from our camp. The source of the river is very beautiful for cave divers and fishermen who like to catch flying fish.You can do fishing from the shore as well. The river has an average of two meter depth. Some places on the river are shellow and the current is slow with a sandy ground. With luck you can catch other sorts of fish.


Our guests are enthusiastic to catch flying fish.

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